Garen Petrossian
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Apple Talent Group
Wordless Goodbye Lead USC/Aldo Orestano
Professor Nosferman Pages Lead Matt Kline
Bobby Fischer Supporting AFI/Christian Filippella
A Meeting in a Dream Supporting A. Lumina and L. Maidoff
Hurricane in the Rosegarden Supporting Ime Etuki
Expendible Supporting David Malki
Gothic Girl Supporting Jon Palardis
Pool Party Supporting Timothy M. Snell
A List Supporting Nick Magrey
Killing Flies Supporting Michael Madrid
Tim and Eric Awesome Show Guest Star CN/T. Heidecker & E. Wareheim
Laws Recurring Media Factory Production
City of Darkness Guest Star Gino Dudley
No Time to Weep Various Characters Matrix Theatre
The Weed SHow Professor Mackenzie Theater
Othello Duke of Venice/Gratiano Charlens Company
Richard III King Edward IV/Catesby Charlens Company
Saint Joan Archbishop/Inquisitor Charlens Company
Edmond Various Roles Hollywood Fight Club
12 Angry Men Juror 11 COLSAC
Pure Pearody Various Roles Palos-Verdes Theatre
Jesus of Watts Officer Sentry Theatre-Theatre
Available Upon Request
Mackenzie Weed Show Professor Ryan Mackenzie
Guru Energy Drink Tester #2 Brendan Hayward

All Training has been taken in Los Angeles, CA

Acting Coach: Cindy Pickett

Audition Techniques: Courtney Burr (Margie Haber Studios)

On Camera Audition Technique: Mark Sikes

Commercial Class:Jeff Gerard

Commercial Class: Hey I Saw Your Commercial

Acting Coach: Randi Acton

Accent Coach: Joel Goldes

Business and Marketing: The Acting Buzz

Acting: Beverly Hills Playhouse

Acting: AIDA

Imporvisation: AIDA

Special Skills


LANGUAGE: Armenian, English

DIALECTS: Armenian, Italian, Persian, Russian, Scottish, Irish, French

SPORTS:   Golf, Pool, Swimming, Tennis, Kayak, Horseback riding, Hiking, Bowling

MARTIAL ARTS: Kempo, Kung Fu

WEAPONS: Sai, Bo-Staff, Nun chucks, Firearms

DANCE: Foxtrot, Rumba
EDUCATION:   BSCE from Northeastern University & Microsoft Windows NT Certification from Boston University